I applied to a desktop support role and got called in for an interview with a recruiter. I didn’t realize it until after my meeting that the role I applied for was through a staffing firm. I never got placed by the staffing firm. After all, I had been out of the information technology industry for 4 years. A month went by and the recruiter called to let me know he was leaving the company. He wondered if I would be interested in becoming a recruiter.

Seven interviews later I was told they had two positions and two other candidates besides myself. I figured the odds of me landing one of the positions was pretty good.

“Sorry, we’re going with another candidate for the role?”

I thought there were two positions? One was eliminated, but they wanted to keep me in mind as another position would open up as business demand increased. Apparently they just didn’t have a need for two new hires.

I would have to accept an offer for tech job at a place that sold and supported point-of-sale systems for the grocery and hospitality industry.  I let the staffing company know, and they said to check back with them in a few months when they would have the need to hire the second person.