Podcast beginnings

My love of podcasting probably stems from when I was very young. I pretended I was a radio DJ. I’d have two radios stacked on top of each other. One would play the song from the radio and the other would record to tape. I would fade in the music from the radio playing music as I did voice overs and intros while recording onto the boombox. If only video recording was as easy back then as it is today, I’m sure I’d be quite amused at my ‘performance’.


I actually started a podcast over 10 years ago called The Grumbling Dwarf Podcast. It was short-lived, only releasing four episodes before it podfaded.

Audio Resume and Credentials

My career took a turn when I went from the role of corporate recruiter to information security. I spent 18 months doing security awareness and risk, but realized that I may not be able to go back to human resources after my own position had been backfilled. I took it upon myself to better position my re-entry into technical recruiting by launching Talent Jockey. A show for recruiters, job seekers and hiring managers, it not only allowed me to provide guidance and insight into the world of talent acquisition, but it also gave future employers a deeper look at my expertise beyond the resume.

talent jockey album art

The Hobby I Enjoy

One of my hobbies is playing tabletop role-playing games. You know, Dungeons and Dragons. In order to have a podcast that goes past the first seven to fourteen episodes you need to have a topic that you’re passionate about. I proposed the idea to a friend and we started Gaming and BS RPG Podcast in 2014. We have 220+ episodes and are still going after releasing a one-hour show every week for the last 4 years! (ok, we missed one week when I was in a motorcycle accident. Cut me some slack, that hurt!)

The Future

In September of 2018 I attended Chris Curran’s Podcast Engineering School. My hope is to expand upon my existing knowledge of audio production and become a professional podcast engineer. While Litter Box Studio is the studio I use, Podcast Engineering House is my podcast consulting and production business.

More About Me and Podcasting – coming soon.